Shopwindows Live

With the face and function of the high street changing, especially in respect of the much loved department stores, the future may very much lie in the hands of the independent retailer.

The expression 'a fun shopping experience' could well apply to many different things that we want or need to buy, but it certainly has a special meaning in the fashion, jewellery and style market place. This is where Shopwindows Live hopes to add value. Most non online retail businesses will already follow the age-old tradition of some sort of stock display, mainly by way of dressing windows. They will also have access to printed visuals from their manufacturers and suppliers, usually as seen in national advertising campaigns.

But what if the shop was to produce its own images, probably with elements of local connection or by way of certain people or groups?
This might well add that extra dimension to the shopping experience and customer enjoyment. It is about giving life to the product and allowing a potential customer to personally relate. This has been the sole purpose of the fashion press and runway shows for generations.

Although this letter is primarily aimed at the retail sectors, it could certainly work for fashion designers throughout the region.
A photoshoot could be as small or large as would suit that particular business, with any model and/or makeup decisions totally that of the client and fully discussed before agreeing a shoot. The resulting pictures would then be the property of the business which would be free to use on social media, give to the print press or have printed to various sizes for point of sale display purposes.

Here on this Shopwindows Live section of my website are a few examples of pictures I have previously shot for south and west businesses.

Please give me a call if you would like to simply chat about this idea more fully.
01626 864030 or 07850 028641.

My very best wishes Mike